Tsingtao beer museum

Visit the birthplace of Tsingtao beer
and taste the best beer that only a brewer can drink

The World of Tsingtao, or Tsingtao beer museum, is located at 56 Dengzhou Road - the birthplace of the company. As a world-class beer museum, it has integrated Tsingtao’s century-long history with its brewing technology and modern production lines, to become a tourist attraction of combining culture, history, industry and entertainment. It is known as "a model of China's industrial tourism flag".

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TSINGTAO1903 bar

Better beer makes better life

Led by the brand of Tsingtao Beer and based on the urban culture and lifestyle, the Tsingtao beer museum-run TSINGTAO1903 bar is a pioneer of community marketing in the industry. It is dedicated to building a new business model integrating brand promotion, community marketing, leisure and interactive experience. With stylish design and advanced marketing philosophy, it offers the consumers a friendly environment, refreshing beer, passionate beer culture, thoughtful services, as well as convenient take-out. It aims to become “a second living room” near the homes of consumers.

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